Mediation: Avoiding the Hazards of Self-Representation

For clients considering self-representation during a divorce, the option of mediation offers the benefit of working with a legally-trained practitioner who possesses a wide array of knowledge and skills.  For example, mediators provide clients with all of the relevant legal, financial and tax information necessary to make fully informed decisions. During a divorce, this knowledge is crucial and helps ensure that each party has made fully-informed decisions relative to asset division, debt allocation, and parenting. One could imagine a worst-case scenario amongst parties attempting to navigate the difficult maze of divorce on their own, when one party later realizes “If only I had known ____, I would have made a different decision.”  Such moments can be avoided by working with mediators. With our backgrounds in law, business and psychology, mediators provide clients in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Peoria , Glendale, Tucson and other cities throughout the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas the assurance they can make fully informed decisions regarding assets, debts, spousal maintenance, and parenting.

Tamara Hirsch, JD*, LCSW

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