Mediation Can Make Divorce Easier on Your Family

A divorce is never easy, but if you and your spouse choose to go the mediation route, instead of through the courts, the process can be easier on the family. There are three main reasons for this is that mediation is designed to reduce conflict between the parties, and it is also typically a speedier course than litigation.

Reduced Conflict

A mediator works to represent both parties fairly during a divorce, which reduces the inherent hostility created by lawyers fighting on opposite sides. Mediators are trained to work with couples to recognize potential areas for conflict at the beginning of the negotiation so that they can build up “wins” for both sides before the more painful bargaining begins. Finally, a true professional will facilitate communication around the fact that divorce is a source of grief for all family members and provide recommendations on dealing with this loss, and if necessary, recommending the family seek the help of mental health professionals.

Speedier Process

Because mediation only involves a single outside person in the divorce proceedings, this can result in a shorter time frame from making the difficult decision to end a marriage to reaching a settlement and moving into the next stage of your lives. By choosing not to go with the court process, you can eliminate the numerous lawyers, paralegals, clerks, and judges. Mediation not only reduces the number of people you need to deal with during this challenging period, but by cutting down on all the competing schedules to juggle, it is easier to arrange for the parties to get together and discuss the divorce, and therefore reach a decision quicker.

Getting a divorce is a massive disruption to the lives of parents and children. Implications can include a change in homes, schools, support systems, and sometimes socio-economic status. Using a mediator can make this complicated life decision a little easier on you and your family by reducing conflict and making the process move faster.

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