Mediation: Cut the Emotional and Financial Costs of Divorce


Everyone has heard about Betty and Louis’ messy divorce, but that doesn’t mean every divorce follows that story line. While the process is naturally emotional and difficult, you can significantly cut down on stress and cost through mediation. Instead of dealing with courts and judges, you and your ex-partner can attempt to find common ground and a resolution that works for everyone involved. If you are starting the divorce process, think about using a mediator to avoid the courtroom and many of the more problematic aspects of divorce litigation.

The Big Difference

Think of mediation as a more succinct version of normal divorce proceedings. With a mediator both parties come to the table to work through the division of property, allocation of debts, co-parenting of any minor children, and any child or spousal support issues. The mediator will listen to both parties and facilitate settlement of any issues or disputes when necessary. In many cases, former partners can take advantage of opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Additionally, many agree it is the most amicable way to end a marriage.

Alleviate the Stress

A litigated divorce can take months or years to resolve completely, while mediations are quick by comparison. Instead of arguing over agreement details in court without cooperation, you and your ex-partner get the chance to sit down and attempt to find common ground. Inherently, this route requires less stress because it is shorter and generally friendlier. In this process, both parties are actively working towards a compromise instead of making demands in a courtroom. That said mediations can be much less stressful than litigation.

Decrease the Financial Strain

Getting divorced is expensive because of all the legal fees. When a divorce makes it to trial, communal property has usually already been liquidated to pay for retainer fees, attorney costs and court expenses. In other words, no one except the lawyers get any benefit from the wealth accumulated during marriage. Since mediations are shorter and require far less court time, they are typically much cheaper than the traditional court-based divorce process. In fact, many mediations avoid any attorney’s fees entirely.

If you believe you and your ex-partner don’t need the mess of litigation, mediation is an ideal alternative. With the help of a mediator, you can effectively arrive at a resolution that is mutually beneficial. Also, mediations minimize the financial strain of divorce and reduce the stress of hammering out the details. Getting divorced doesn’t mean you and your former spouse can’t find common ground and work out an agreement. Take advantage of this method and work towards a better out of court solution.

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