Mediation Preserves Individual Decision-Making During a Divorce

Even under the “best” circumstances, divorces are stressful. In some cases, working through lawyers on a divorce may make you feel like you are losing control over decision-making, which can add to your stress. Whether you acquiesce on issues because your lawyer convinces you it’s the best option you have or you give in as a way to keep down billable hours, agreeing to choices you aren’t sure about signifies a loss of control of the process. Working with a professional mediator will help keep the decision-making in your control.

Mediators Don’t Have a “Side”

Because the mediator is working for the couple, not an individual, they will offer more unbiased options than lawyers. Mediation takes “win” and “lose” off the table, and these professionals are trained in negotiation, rather than confrontation. Mediators will also identify areas that are “easy wins” for the couple, as well as those which will take more time to come to a final resolution. Mediators will also work with the couples to determine the order in which decisions are made.

Mediation Takes Less Time and Money

Divorce can be expensive, and going to court can make it even more costly, paying for court fees, lawyers, and paralegal time. These costs don’t account for your time spent in court, instead of working or being with your children. As a result, you may decide to make choices without fully considering the repercussions because you want the process to be over. Since mediation typically takes less than 10 hours, you can be sure that you will have the time and space to decide what is best for you and your family.

A professional mediator makes recommendations and helps couples come to mutual resolutions about painful decisions. Deciding to use mediation is the first step in keeping more control over your situation and taking some of the contention out of the divorce process.

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