Modifying Your Child Support Agreement

After a divorce there may come a time in which you one or both parents want to modify the amount of child support being paid. In Arizona, everything concerning minor children, including the amount of child support being paid, is by law always subject to modification (i.e., change) whenever a material and continuous change of circumstances occurred.

How is the Child Support Amount Determined in Arizona?

How can child support amounts be determined in today’s modern world where there are often complex relationship dynamics, unique working circumstances, fluctuating income, etc.?  The Arizona Department of Economic Security explains how it is determined that someone must be child support and how the child support amount is determined, “A basic support obligation is determined using the monthly gross incomes of both parents and information about what intact families spend on their children. The parents share the basic support obligation based upon their gross incomes. The noncustodial parent’s share of the obligation establishes the amount of the child support order. The amount of child support a parent pays can also be affected by the amount of parenting time (visitation) with the child. The parents also share the costs for child care, medical support and uninsured medical expenses. The child support amount calculated using the guidelines is accepted as appropriate unless either parent shows a reason for a deviation.”

What Are Arizona’s Regulations Regarding Child Support Modification?

If you or your former spouse experience a change in income, employment, or expenses, it is possible to make a change to your child support agreement under Arizona law.  The Arizona Department of Economic Security describes who can request a modification and what is required of you if you wish to make a change to your child support agreement, “Both custodial and noncustodial parents can request a modification of their existing child support order when there has been a significant and continuing change within the household, such as adding or changing health insurance, a loss of a job, disability, or an increase or decrease in income for either parent.”

When a modification to child support is needed, it is ideal to consult a divorce mediator who is experienced in both divorce law.  The mediator can help parents discuss any disagreements effectively, offer different options and alternative resolutions, and provide legal information – such that parents make fully informed decisions that align with the best interests of the child/ren.

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