Negotiating Child Support With Mediation

Whether you are just starting to consider getting a divorce or adjusting an agreement after many years apart, by using a negotiator, you can be confident that your children’s best interest will be taken into account during the divorce settlement, custody arrangements, and any child support agreements. Mediators are licensed professionals, trained to reduce conflict and advise parents on navigating difficult situations with their children. Using a meditator for child custody arrangements can also reduce family tension and save time and money.

Advising Parents

Mediators are trained to counsel parents on signs to look for in their children to determine if they are having a particularly hard time dealing with the divorce. They will also have relationships with local mental health professionals to make referrals when necessary.

Reducing Conflict

Since mediators don’t have a “side,” they will focus on formulating a mutually beneficial solution rather than beating the opposing lawyer. This neutrality reduces, rather than heightens, potential conflicts between parties during what is already a difficult time. As a result, using these professionals can help keep households going through a divorce a calmer environment for the children involved.

Saving Time and Money 

Mediators will typically set a fixed fee for the process, making it easier for families to budget. In some cases, the arbiters will charge a flat that covers a specific number of in-person hours. They will let the parties know if they think their particular situation merits additional time at an hourly rate. Using a negotiator also eliminates costly court and paralegal fees leaving the family with more money to put toward their children’s future.

Using a trained negotiator to settle child support and other custody arrangements is superior to going through lawyers because mediators will work toward a solution that works for all parties involved. They will also work to avoid or minimize conflict and recommend mental health professionals when necessary.

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