Reasons Many Children Prefer That Parents Divorce Rather Than Stay in an Unhappy Marriage


Regardless of the reason why two adults choose to divorce, many decide to stay together, or simply stay with each longer than they ordinarily would, because of the children. Spouses believe that children need a stable environment with two loving parents, but if the adults are unhappy, then the children are going to be unhappy as well. Various studies have been conducted to observe the effects of parents separating, and they find that many children would prefer if their parents divorced rather than stay in a bad marriage.

If parents get divorced when children are particularly young, then the children may feel like it is their fault or feel angry at one or both of the parents. However, as children get older, many realize that the divorce was for the best. While staying together may seem like the right path to take in the short-term, it is not going to help anyone going forward. The spouses will still be unhappy together, and the children will be raised in an uncertain environment. Like ripping off a Band-Aid, it is often better for everyone to just get it over with than to delay the process.


Act Responsibly for the Benefit of Children

Oftentimes, the separation itself is not the damaging component. The real harm comes from the children not knowing what the future is going to be like. Therefore, it is beneficial to seek mediation to settle everything maturely. For example, deciding where the children are going to live more quickly will make the kids feel more at ease about the divorce.


Things to Bear in Mind While Divorcing

Researchers asked children between the ages of 14 and 22 what they would have liked their parents to change about the separation. Many said that they would have preferred their parents not fighting in front of each other. While emotions run high during this time, you should avoid arguing or insulting your partner in front of the kids.  Additionally, many children said they would have wanted their parents to empathize with them during this time. Understand what your kids are going through, and communicate with them throughout every step.

You and your spouse will be going through a lot during the divorce process, but take the time to ensure that the kids are taken care of. This is apt to be just as difficult on them, and with a little foresight, you can make this period much easier on them. By taking some precautions, divorcing can end up being the best for everyone involved.

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