Should You Get a Post-Nuptial Agreement?

Post-Nuptial Mediation

Whether they have them or not, most people have heard of pre-nuptial agreements.  These agreements are designed to protect the assets of both individuals in the event of a divorce.  Pre-nuptial agreements are legally binding documents that are signed before marriage. But, did you know that there is such a thing as a post-nuptial agreement?  If you did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage and are now already married, you can still decide to get a post-nuptial agreement.  The easiest, most effective way to come to a post-nuptial agreement is to consult a mediator who will assist in productive and fair communication that ends in a mutually-agreeable resolution and incorporate them in a post-nuptial agreement.

Why Would You Get a Post-Nuptial Agreement and Stay Married?

Many couples begin to sense areas of disagreement or conflict and begin to consider getting a post-nuptial agreement.  But, many couples wonder why you would get this if you are going to stay married and are not separated.  The reason is that it protects both parties in the event of a separation or divorce but in the meantime also helps settle arguments and calm marital discord.

Is a Post-Nuptial Agreement Just the First Step Before Divorce?

Many couples wonder if getting a post-nuptial agreement is just the beginning of dividing assets in preparation for divorce.  But, in reality, getting a post-nuptial agreement can actually save a marriage!  CNN elaborates on the marital advantages of getting a post-nuptial agreement, “Postnups might be used to determine who owns assets, set a budget for household expenses or remove a business from the table in the event of a divorce. Couples also have used them to decide such things as how often the mother-in-law gets to visit or how many boys-only weekends the husband gets to take…A postnuptial or mediated agreement can help save a couple’s relationship — if that’s their goal. ‘In cases where couples want to stay married, it can apply very efficiently,’ says Cambridge, Massachusetts, attorney John A. Fiske…The very process of working on this arrangement is a positive exercise for most couples,” Robin says. ‘People will say (a postnup) ruins the romance, it ruins the love. If you can’t have difficult discussions, that’s a death knell for a marriage.’”

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