Should Your Hire a Private Investigator When Divorcing?

If you are considering divorce or even if the divorce process has already begun, you may feel it would be beneficial to hire a private investigator.  People are private and there are secrets even in the most healthy of relationships.  Secrets and privacy are important and ok, depending on what they are and whether or not they harm other people.  For example, if money suddenly starts missing or your spouse seems to be hiding where they are on a regular basis, these may be grounds for you to pull the trigger on hiring a private investigator.

One important thing to note is that where you live will influence whether or not it is worth hiring a private investigator. For example, certain states are considered ‘no-fault’ states which means that even if your spouse cheated, it doesn’t really matter much in terms of the outcome of your divorce settlement.  And, because hiring a private investigator is expensive, it may not be worth it for your purposes.  For this reason, it is best to consult your divorce mediator to determine whether or not it would be beneficial for your case.

When children are involved, or there is no prenup, and it is not a ‘no-fault’ state, hiring a private investigator could significantly help your divorce case because it could enhance your settlement or improve your chances of getting the custody outcome you want if children are involved.  Also, if you suspect your spouse has hidden money or other assets, an experienced private investigator may be able to uncover those hidden assets which will ultimately get you more money in your settlement.  If you are concerned that something is being hidden that will impact your divorce settlement, speak to your mediator as soon as possible to get a recommendation for a reputable and skilled private investigator.

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