The Mediation Process and How It Helps Mitigate Anger

Mediation is used to resolve a variety of conflicts and disputes, from personal injury claims to divorce. The mediator helps to contain the conflict into manageable parts and avoid a majority of emotional outbursts. Most people who enter the mediation process find it easier to come to terms, but much of that has to do with the mediation process.

Understanding The Rules

Before the mediation begins, the mediator will welcome both parties to the process, and they will explain the rules and legal ramifications of taking part. The rules often come down to showing respect for both sides and only speaking when addressed by the mediator, which limits argumentation.

Opening Statements

After explaining the rules, each side receives an opportunity to tell their side of the dispute. During their opening remarks, each party will not only describe the event leading up to the conflict but also what they expect from the mediation outcome.

Collaborative Discussion

After hearing the opening remarks, the mediator may try to engage in collaborative discussion, especially around agreeable points. This collaboration may result in concessions or partial agreement.

Private Meetings

Each party will go to a separate room to discuss the opening remarks and collaborative points, constructing their wants and demands for the rest of the session. Sometimes, there are sticking points on each side that cannot be ironed out immediately.


After the mediator has addressed each party individually, both parties will reenter the mediation room to begin negotiations. The hope is that the private meetings result in finding concessions and compromises that will benefit each party.


Most disputes that go to mediation do come to terms, meaning feuding parties resolve the underlying conflict. If a resolution is not found, then further legal action may be required.

Mediation is a worthwhile endeavor and one that often results in a peaceful resolution. If you are in the midst of a conflict, then consider contacting a mediator before escalating things with attorneys.

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