There Ways a Mediator Can Save You Money in a Divorce

There Ways a Mediator Can Save You Money in a Divorce

If you and your spouse are heading for divorce in Arizona, protecting your money is probably at the top of your priority list. Divorce mediation is a cost-effective method of helping you and your partner settle your divorce terms. Here are three examples of how divorce mediators can help save you money.

1. Mediators Allow You to Avoid Litigation

Divorce litigation may cost three times greater than divorce mediation, if not more. The cost difference lies largely in the significant lawyer fees associated with litigation.

2. Mediation Helps You Keep a Fair Share of Assets

Divorce mediators act as a neutral third party to help you and your soon-to-be ex decide who keeps which assets. Mediators encourage a fair division of belongings between you and your spouse, potentially allowing you to keep more marital property than you would in a contentious legal battle.

3. Mediators Save You Valuable Time

Time is money! Traditional divorce litigation often involves lengthy court battles, which means more time spent away from work. Divorce mediation can help you avoid this costly scenario by working efficiently to settle your divorce.

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Oliver Ross, JD*, PhD founded Out-of-Court Solutions Inc. in 1995 and since then has mediated over 3,000 divorce and family matters. He is a select member of the Maricopa Superior Court Family Mediation roster