Three Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Is Superior to Hiring a Lawyer

If you are currently undergoing or considering a divorce, then you probably want the process to be completed as quickly and with as little stress as possible. Hiring lawyers to battle out your case in court is not conducive to these goals. Instead, consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediators seek to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, as opposed to the adversarial processes involved with hiring divorce lawyers and the court system.  Mediators work to help you divide assets and debts, agree on any child and/or spousal support arrangements, and make parenting provisions for any minor children. These are the top three reasons why hiring a mediator may be the best option for you.

1. You Save Time and Money

Mediation generally hastens the divorce process and saves you money in the long run. The greatest financial difference comes from hiring only one legal professional instead of two. This simple difference can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your divorce. Additionally, divorce mediation generally only takes a matter of weeks to complete.

2. You Retain Control of Your Voice

Hiring lawyers essentially allows your legal representatives to speak and act for you. However, mediation takes place in an environment where both parties are able to equally express their wishes in an effort to reach a unified settlement contract. While lawyers seek to dominate their opposing clients, a professional mediator seeks to nullify power imbalances during meetings so each party gets an equal say, regardless of any power imbalances that may have accompanied your marriage. Most importantly, a mediator has no authority to make arbitrary decisions regarding your settlement contract. They facilitate the agreement and provide legal, financial, tax, and other relevant information, but you and your former spouse retain complete control over any legal decisions during divorce mediation.

3. Your May Reduce Negative Impacts on Your Children  

Animosity in divorce can often be worsened by hiring lawyers. The result can be devastating to children who may now find themselves in a position in which they feel they must choose sides. Mediation may help your children avoid this mentality and help to ease them through the transition by focusing on their support and parental arrangements.

Locate a Professional Mediator

Overall, choosing divorce mediation is the almost always the best way to begin the divorce process. It allows you to transition quickly to the next phase of your life with minimal stress and expenses. Additionally, your legal decisions will all remain strictly within your control. Lastly, you may help your children through a difficult process by resisting the adversarial approach that divorce lawyers are trained to use. If you would like to know more, contact a professional mediator who specializes in adapting to the unique circumstances of every couple so you can make this chapter of your life as painless as possible.