Use a Mediator to Resolve Disputes

Mediation is a way to resolve conflict. In the legal arena, mediation is most often used in divorces, but it actually has many benefits outside the marital separation process. Mediation offers more flexibility than the courts can. The mediator facilitates communication between the parties to reach an agreeable solution. This allows the parties involved to have more control in the outcome, instead of leaving the judgment to a judge or jury. Here are four other types of disputes a mediator can help resolve.

Changing Child Support or Visitation

Modifications of child support or visitation can be fraught with conflict. When parents, whether married or not, can decide on modifications together, it eliminates waiting for a court judgment. A mediator can work with two parties to find a solution without going to court. Legal mediators can also prepare court documents to be filed with the court to make the agreement binding.

Co-Parenting Agreement For Unmarried Parents

When a child’s parents aren’t married, a divorce may not be required to work out financial issues, but there are still a lot of things to resolve for the child’s situation. Mediation can help both parents find a solution to co-parent the child without the court’s intervention.

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