Virtual Divorce Mediation in 5 Steps

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that we need to be able to complete more essential tasks virtually than ever before. One great example of that is divorce. Whether your divorce is perfectly amicable, highly contentious, or somewhere else on the spectrum, divorce mediation is a great alternative traditional courtroom divorces. And now, the divorce process is more flexible and efficient with virtual divorce mediation. Well the circumstances of divorce are complicated, the divorce process does not have to be. In just five steps, you can get the divorce that you want virtually.

Step 1: Free Divorce Consultation: when you’re choosing a divorce mediator to work with, it is important that it is the right fit. You should always have a free opportunity to consult with your divorce mediator before committing fully. During the stuff you should have an opportunity to get your questions answered and receive a written time and cost estimate.

Step 2: Starting Your Divorce: during the step the mediator communicates to everyone involved what the money and time-saving rules and procedures that optimize mutual respect, Full disclosure of all information and documents, the best interest of any minor children, and an equitable resolution of all matters.

Step 3: Getting Current: During the step the mediator is brought up to speed regarding the situation, and the mediator also will communicate with both parties what information documents will be needed later on in the mediation process so that you and your spouse can make fully informed decisions well still resolving matters quickly and inexpensively.

b This is one of the most important steps in divorce process. It is the time you and your spouse will have an opportunity to communicate in a safe and supportive space. All pertinent matters will be discussed including: how property will be divided, debts allocated, coparenting and child support issues, and spousal maintenance matters.

Step 5: Settlement Agreement: During this final step, a legally-binding settlement agreement and all other court documents will be accurately prepared. This ensures you and your spouse never have to go to court.

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