What if I Need to Modify My Child Support Agreement?

The goal of any divorce settlement is that everyone would be happy and satisfied with the conditions of their settlement and that there would never need to be any future modifications.  But, unfortunately, we do not live in a utopia and, for various reasons, many individuals find that circumstances have changed and a child support modification may be necessary.  It varies quite a bit from case to case but either one or both parties in a divorce may find that they have a major change in their financial situation for the positive or negative.

Someone may find that they have suddenly gotten a job promotion or new job and now are earning significantly more income.  Or, unfortunately, someone could find themselves financially strapped after a job loss and unable to afford the original agreed child support amount.  Additionally, a change in your child(ren)’s circumstances such as an increase in the cost of daycare, education, or healthcare may necessitate a child support modification. What is most important is ensuring that any children involved do not financially suffer so it is best to address any child support modifications sooner rather than later.

When a child support modification is requested, both parties will need to go to court or work with a divorce mediator to discuss and legally finalize the modification. If everyone agrees, the process can go fairly quickly and inexpensively but if there is a disagreement it can be more time-consuming and costly, particularly if you go to court rather than mediate.  Speak to a divorce mediator to learn how you can quickly and inexpensively modify a child support agreement if you have experienced a significant change in circumstances that impacts the established child support amount.

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