What You Need to Know About Raising Kids Outside of Marriage

Marriage isn’t for everyone, and whether you’re separating from the parent of your children or in a committed relationship with a partner but you decide not to get married, it’s important to understand how not being married to your children’s parent can affect your lives. If you’re the parent of a child, or considering having children, with a partner you are not married to, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Marriage Isn’t a Requirement

While marriage is still the most common path for committed relationships, the number of couples who choose not to pursue it is on the rise. Many couples choose a committed relationship without a legal wedding, and if that’s your preferred option, that’s a perfectly suitable route to pursue.

Your Kids Will Have Questions

Although unmarried couples are more common, they are still not the norm, so be prepared for your children to ask questions as they grow older. Have prepared answers that explain why you made the decision and that it doesn’t change that you still love them and are a family.

Your Rights Will Be Influenced

Unfortunately, many of the benefits that exist between partners require a legal marriage to be enforced. While the exact benefits you gain by making your partnership officially recognized can vary by state, they range everywhere from financial perks to the ability to access a partner in medical emergencies.

Protect Yourselves Legally

The best way to account for the difficulties not getting married poses is to speak with a lawyer. Your attorney can help you to ensure that your rights are protected both in the event of unforeseen circumstances and when protecting simple benefits that married couples take advantage of.

Making the decision to raise children outside of marriage can be tough, but if it’s the right call for your family then you need to be sure you move forward as responsibly as possible. Speak with a family law professional today to discuss your options.

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