Why Divorce Mediation Is Better for Children and Can Help Prevent Taking Sides and Ruining Relationships

Typically there are numerous things that need to be divided as part of the divorce process. However, deciding custody of minor children is arguably the most difficult. Going through a divorce when minor children are involved is not easy, and children are likely to be negatively affected In many cases, it can be better to pursue mediation.

Reduced Uncertainty

One of the most difficult things for children with parents going through a divorce is the inherent uncertainty. Using the adversarial lawyers and the court system often leads to long, drawn-out court hearings and other proceedings. This results in prolonged uncertainty, particularly for young kids, who are likely to consciously or unconsciously do their best to have their parents reconcile.

Mediation eliminates time spent in the courtroom. It speeds up the entire divorce process so that everything gets finalized more quickly. This reduces uncertainty, for both the divorcing couple and minor children.

Increased Communication

It is disheartening for kids to see their parents arguing. Using adversarial lawyers is sure to increase hostility and reduce communication. With mediation, an atmosphere of mutual respect is maintained and parents are encouraged to keep the best interests of their children firmly in mind throughout the process, thereby reducing hostility and increasing communication.

Greater Sense of Control

A big problem with a divorce involving children is that they are likely to feel as though they are losing control of their lives. They may feel like all these important decisions are being made for them, and they are mere bystanders. During mediation, both parents are encouraged to listen to and otherwise be attendant to their children’s needs. Although many children want their parents to stay together, when that simply is not an option, it is good for kids to feel like they have a voice.

Pursuing a divorce is inherently tough on everyone involved, especially children. While you may be focused on your own well-being and doing what is best for you, it is important to remember that your children are a lot more cognizant than you may give them credit for. A mediated divorce can be an opportunity for parents to help their kids develop healthy ideas and expectations for their marriages in the future.

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