Why Divorce Rates Rise in January


Research has found that more people are likely to seek advice and ultimately file for divorce or legal separation in January. This may seem like a random blip on the radar, but there are reasons why this may be the case.


New Year, New You

It is not uncommon for people to make resolutions as part of the New Year. One of those resolutions may be that they are unhappy in their marriage for whatever reason, and they want to seek a divorce or legal separation. Although some people who seek a professional consultation with a divorce mediator or attorney do not ultimately file, it can still be a good idea to gather information and see if this course of action is best for you. Nothing is wrong with being prepared, and it can be a great idea to get informed and see what your options are before proceeding further. January is simply the time of year when people are looking for a fresh start, so scheduling a consultation furthers this desire.


Avoiding the Holidays

The end of the year comes with a slew of holidays. Thanksgiving is the time of year to come together as a family and remind yourself how thankful you are for everyone in your life. Christmas and Hanukkah are times of exchanging gifts and being with loved ones. Many people do not want to ruin these holidays for the family, especially if they have children. Therefore, they opt to wait to file for divorce until all these holidays are out of the way. With the advent of the new year along with the desire to get a fresh start, many people file as soon as January comes around. No matter when you choose to file, it is likely to be difficult for everyone involved. However, many people want to alleviate as much of the difficulty as possible, so waiting until the holiday season is over is a course of action many spouses take.

Although more divorces and legal separations are filed in January, it is not inherently a better time of the year than any other to file. If you are in a drastically unhappy situation, then you may just want to file as soon as possible. Before filing for divorce, it is a good idea to talk to a professional to see if it is best for you. Mediation may be recommended, and by taking certain preventative measures, you can make this time easier on you, your spouse and any children.

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