Why Mediation Leads to Less Stress than Traditional Divorce

Don’t let a divorce cause you and your spouse excessive costs, conflicting communication and stress. Whether you’ve just determined to seek a divorce or have been pursuing it for some time, find out how mediation can reduce stress for both parties, help you seek closure and create a suitable arrangement for everyone involved.

Avoid Excessive Costs

Divorce lawyers and related legal fees can be tremendously expensive. With the pain of separation and the legality of dividing your estate, savings and other assets, don’t let lawyer fees take your savings away from both of you. A mediator allows you to save money while you discuss your future.

Enjoy Personalized Facilitation

Because of a mediator’s experience and training, you’ll receive personalized facilitation and ongoing problem-solving strategies. Whether you and your spouse need to work through your problems together or you’re seeking your own path to healing and closure, a mediator can guide the journey in a way that fits your personal situation.

While each journey is personalized, mediation typically involves the same basic steps. Find out if these five steps can help you process your divorce in a constructive way:

  1. Consultation and estimate
  2. Rules and procedures of mediation
  3. Reviewing your history and discussing your situation
  4. Mediating essential matters
  5. Creating a legally-binding settlement agreement

Don’t let a court decide your situation. Unlike the court process, mediation uses a cooperative process that is designed to help both of you achieve your goals. Each party is free to discuss an ideal arrangement, and a mediator who is trained in law and psychology can help assist you in reaching a mutually agreeable decision.

Reduce Stress

Don’t let the pain of divorce, the expense of an attorney and the stress of court increase the discomfort of your divorce process. Find a more productive way to seek the closure and separation you need by creating agreeable settlements and discussing every detail. From financial and legal information to issues involving minors, let a divorce mediator help you reduce your stress and create positive solutions.

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