Why Mediation May Be the Best Solution for Property Division in Your Divorce

A divorce is never a happy time for any of the involved parties but that doesn’t mean that it has to be an acrimonious situation, either. In divorces in which both spouses agree to the divorce and do not want to get bogged down in partisan squabbles, mediation offers an opportunity for a friendlier approach to the process.

How Mediation Works

With mediation the divorce settlement is not argued between two opposing lawyers. Instead a neutral third party is agreed to, and then presented with the relevant information for the divorce. This third party is then trusted to determine a fair division of the property between both parties. This can then be looked over by both spouses and their representation.

What You Need for a Successful Mediation

A successful mediation can only occur when both parties have a genuine interest in its success. This means that you must both be entering into the process in good faith, and must operate openly throughout to give a fair representation of your financial assets and obligations.

Why Choose Mediation

There are a few benefits to choosing a mediator to assist with property division during your divorce. The first is as a means of keeping the settlement from becoming bitter. This is particularly important in situations where you will be remaining in your ex’s life, such as divorces with children. The process of mediation can also be significantly less expensive than handling your divorce in court, meaning you finish the divorce with more assets to split up so you both get more.

If you and your partner are getting divorced but you believe you can handle the responsibilities of working with a mediator it may be the best option for you. The mediation process offers an easier way to reach a fair ruling which leaves both parties satisfied that they got a fair shake.

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