Why You Should Avoid Most Online Divorce Services

Get a quick, easy, and inexpensive divorce online.  Sounds great, right?  There is just one problem, divorce is a complicated legal process and online divorces are simply something you should avoid at all costs.  While the sound of a $30,000+ divorce may send you into shock and running for the computer, take your hand off the mouse and back away.  There is a far better option than online divorce, that is significantly less expensive than divorce litigation but is more reliable, enforceable, and better protects your rights – divorce mediation.

The promise of an inexpensive and easy divorce sounds very appealing but divorce is a complicated legal process.  Even if you find a reputable online divorce service that is not a scam (and many are scams), there are complex legal issues like dividing assets, child custody, prenuptial agreements, etc. that must be worked out.  Further, undergoing an “online divorce” is no guarantee that you will avoid the courtroom and expensive legal fees.  So, in essence, you may end up paying even more than if you would have just pursued divorce litigation, or better yet, divorce mediation, in the first place.

Divorce is, simply put, complicated.  Very few divorces are “straightforward” or without the need for legal assistance.  And, foregoing legal assistance in the form of a divorce mediator could mean that your rights are not protected or you do not get as much in your divorce as you deserve.  Divorce mediation is typically a tiny fraction of the cost of divorce litigation so you will save a significant amount of money while still having a legal advocate that understands the law, will assist you with paperwork, and will protect your rights so that a mutually agreeable solution is reached in your divorce.

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