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Understanding the Role of a Divorce Mediator

Perhaps you have heard about mediation and how effective it is at helping couples navigate through divorce proceedings without the necessity of time-consuming court appearances. However, you may be wondering exactly how a mediator is able to achieve this result. As you consider the many benefits of mediation in resolving your divorce, here is some…

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Five Things to Know About Prenuptial Agreement (“Prenups”)

Unfortunately, many couples decline to establish prenuptial terms prior to their wedding day. This can lead to huge financial hardships and courtroom stresses down the road. Here are some points to keep in mind when considering prenuptial mediation agreements. Who Needs a Prenup? Everyone can benefit from a prenuptial agreement. These documents are in place…

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Real Estate Options Following a Divorce

Real Estate Options Following a Divorce During the divorce process, if the couple owns a home, they will need to sort through a number of real estate options for their home. They will first need to determine if either spouse wants to keep the home following their divorce.  If so, they need to determine if…

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Is Divorce on the Horizon?

Is Divorce on the Horizon? A divorce is obviously an emotionally charged time for you and your family. You’re juggling a lot of arrangements and financial details. Most divorce attorneys suggest thinking about how to divide your financial responsibilities as early as possible ó particularly if you have shared debt. Look at shared debt. With…

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How to Guide Your Children Through Divorce

How to Guide Your Children Through Divorce Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it is especially hard for children. They didn’t ask for any of this to happen. They are immature and unable to really process all the adult things involved in the process. That is why it is up to parents to ensure…

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Conscious Divorce: A New Way

Conscious Divorce:  A New Way Nothing about divorce is easy. It can hit you in every arena including emotional, spiritual, financial, physical, and psychological ways. The level of grief and loss intrinsic to divorce is significant and needs to be addressed and worked through. Often, couples and individuals engage in mental health therapy to assist…

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Mortgage Options in Divorce

Mortgage Options in Divorce The process of a divorce is never an easy transition.  One professional you need to have in your court is a knowledgeable mortgage professional.   Hiring an experienced loan officer can help minimize some of the pressure you’re already under during this life challenging event. What options will you both consider?  What…

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