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Divorce Mediation, Litigation and Confidentiality

When you’re going through a divorce, the last thing you want is for anything about your situation to become public. It therefore makes sense that when you are thinking about different divorce options, your confidentiality should be taken into consideration. The questions become, then, if you decide to take your dispute to court, will your…

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Common Mediation Issues for Families

Throughout the years, mediation has been developed and refined as a cost-effective, timely alternative to litigation. This type of alternative dispute resolution is becoming increasingly popular among families and individuals as a way to resolve arguments and go through legal proceedings without taking the matter to court. What are the most common family issues that…

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How to Achieve a “Healthy Divorce”

A hostile, stressful divorce leads to increased financial and emotional costs for both parties, as well as a negative impact on any children involved. These types of divorces tend to last for many months, even years, and ultimately result in exorbitant attorney fees and increased hostility between the parties involved. Additionally, though both parties hope…

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Divorce Involving Children with Disabilities

Divorce affects all family members, but it can be particularly difficult for children with disabilities. The “best interest” of the child is the determining factor in parenting arrangements, but the phrase “best interest of the child” can be complex when it involves a child with disabilities. Sometimes, divorcing parents disagree regarding the best interests of…

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Situations Where Family Mediation Works

Many people think of mediation when they’re going through a legal separation or divorce, but a mediator is a valuable tool for many different family issues. Family mediation can be an option outside of legal issues to help resolve differences between family members who can’t seem to see eye to eye. You can work out…

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Getting a Divorce Without Lawyers

Going through a divorce is usually expensive and painful. Everything you tell the court is a public record. Is there an alternative to hiring an attorney and going before a judge to work out a solution? You and your soon to be ex-spouse should consider mediation. Getting a divorce without lawyers involved is a very…

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Divorce in a Community Property State

Broadly speaking, community property is defined as everything a husband and wife own together. This typically includes money earned and debts incurred by either party, as well as property acquired by either party during the marriage. The roots of community property law are found in Spanish civil law; community property law was originally established in Spain…

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How Mental Health Professionals can Help Clients Deal with Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally draining and contentious but even in the most amicable of circumstances it can also be emotionally turbulent and very costly. While most people know that a wedding can be incredibly expensive, many don’t realize that a divorce can be just as, if not more, expensive. Divorce is inherently difficult, but when…

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How to Manage Anger During the Divorce Process

The end of a marriage is a turbulent and emotional time often filled with anger. These feelings can lead to rash decisions that you may regret and other negative consequences. It is possible to learn to manage your anger at your ex-spouse, the situation, yourself, and any other aspects of the divorce. Recognize Your Triggers…

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