Logical Decision Making During Divorce

Getting a divorce is emotional no matter what the circumstances are. Emotions may range from sadness to anger to hurt, and much more. When we experience heightened emotions, I can get in the way of rational decision-making. To put it simply, when we are particularly emotional it impacts our judgment. In many circumstances this may not have significant consequences, but in the case of divorce it can have a lasting impact. Divorce mediation can be an invaluable tool when trying to avoid making a emotionally influenced decisions during divorce.

During divorce mediation, an impartial third party we’ll help you and your spouse navigate the complicated waters of divorce with as little emotional upset as possible. That is not to say that emotions will not be experienced – they should be – they should just not negatively impact decision-making. Divorce mediation gives both you and your spouse an opportunity to speak freely and be heard while communicating with mutual respect. Things like disrespect, gaslighting, and other harmful behavior is not tolerated during divorce mediation.

Additionally, it is wise to seek support from a friend, loved one, or trusted counselor. Their feedback will be able to provide you an emotional touchstone so that your judgment does not become easily clouded. With their support along with the support of your mediator, heightened emotions can be mitigated and managed fairly into the benefit of both spouses.

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