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Why Prenups Can Benefit Both Parties

Most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements through the way that journalistic coverage of celebrity relationships tends to emphasize them, but they are actually relatively simple instruments that most couples could benefit from making use of before getting married. While common perceptions of them tend to revolve around the idea of keeping certain assets from…

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How to Have a Better Divorce: With Mediation

Rarely is divorce seen as an ideal situation, but having a clean and healthy break to your relationship is possible, even when you have to disentangle an integrated household and sort through the various assets and belongings that come with it. Unfortunately, the traditional divorce procedures offered through family court systems are not the method…

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5 Things Mediation Can Help Solve

Through mediation, couples are usually able to work through divorce proceedings with far less stress than traditional methods. This alternative to court-based divorce can be easier on the kids and is often less expensive than other routes. These and other factors have made mediation services the first choice for many couples. What many people don’t…

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Understanding the Process of Divorce Mediation

Are you dreading a stressful courtroom battle with your soon to be ex-spouse? Divorce mediation is the easiest way to settle your differences with minimal anxiety and expense. As a matter of fact, couples who choose to partake in mediation save more than 75% on legal fees. If you are considering alternative solutions for your…

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Own a Home & Getting Divorced?  

Own a Home & Getting Divorced?   If you own a home and are getting a divorce, here is why you need a certified real estate divorce specialist.  When working with divorcing couples one should understand the underlying complexities, both emotionally and financially. The key is COMMUNICATION! Communication is the KEY! One of the most…

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Family Mediation: Knowing When to Compromise

Are you faced with legal issues that can impact other members of your family? Whether you are dealing with an upcoming divorce or dividing a substantial inheritance, it is not uncommon for relatives to face off in court. Family mediation, however, is an affordable alternative that allows you to settle your differences peacefully. Here are…

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Avoiding Legal Fees With Divorce Mediation

For many couples, the emotional tango of divorce is the most painful part of an estranged marriage. However, the financial burdens associated with traditional litigation is virtually sure to exacerbate this pain. Before hiring an attorney or tackling the paperwork on your own, consider the advantages of divorce mediation. Get Help Filing for Divorce The…

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3 Reasons to Resolve Your Divorce Outside of Court

Going through a divorce is rarely easy, but battling it out in the courtroom can be even more difficult. For many couples, making decisions about child custody, property division and alimony requires an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of a family relationship. While a judge tries to do his or her best when making…

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